United States map highlighting ALTELLA’s partner states

The ALTELLA project is a partnership between five state departments of education and the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, located at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. This project establishes a collaboration of states including Arizona (lead), Michigan, Minnesota, South Carolina, and West Virginia.


The ALTELLA project is funded by an Enhanced Assessment Instruments grant from the U.S. Department of Education awarded to the Arizona Department of Education.


ALTELLA staff members include experts in research, assessment, special education, and English language development.

University of Wisconsin

Laurene Christensen, Principal Investigator
Erin Arango-Escalante
Kristen Burton
Indira Ceylan
Elizabeth Cranley
Jonathan Gibson
Miguel Hernandez
James Mitchell
Sarah Ryan
Kris Stewart
Sonia Upton
Cha Kai Yang

State Partners

Audra Ahumada, Arizona Department of Education
Marlene Johnston, Arizona Department of Education
Kelly Koenig, Arizona Department of Education
John Jaquith, Michigan Department of Education
Jen Paul, Michigan Department of Education
Tracy Montez-Lindner, Minnesota Department of Education
Nicole Adams, South Carolina Department of Education
Jill Christmus, South Carolina Department of Education
Mami Itamochi, West Virginia Department of Education
Sonja Philips West Virginia Department of Education


Wes Bruce 
Margaret Ho 
Meagan Karvonen 
Jacqueline Kearns 
Hillary Michaels 
Jan Sheinker 
Leila Williams 
Phoebe Winter

External Evaluator

Courtney Foster